Monday, December 8, 2008

chocolate mousse

One day, I got bored and felt like I needed to make something nice out of my my left over creme in my fridge.

I love chocolate and so do my freinds. So , here it goes. Nothing fancy about it.

I was in search of gloossy chocolate frosting. (which obviously, this one is really not). But it does look pretty, doesn't it?

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Do you have a recipe for this? My friend has been undergoing chemotherapy treatments that have left her with so many sores in her mouth. She wants me to make her a soft dessert. This looks perfect. Her cancer treatments have been unsuccessful and she is living out her remaining weeks at home with family and friends. I'd love to pamper her with as many desserts as possible. So, if you could share this recipe and any others that might be similar, I would be SOOO appreciative!

Here is my email if you'd prefer to email something to me: