Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Thanks to Alton Brown, these pancakes are awesome. Fluffy and light. I don't need to explain as you can see from the photo. I have honey and canadian maple syrup....which one would you like?

I can't help digging a fork in the middle of the stack. Sorry if this looks like a crime scene for pancake lovers.

Recipe: Adapted from Alton brown's, more sugar added for my version.

Dry ingredients
1/2tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp kosher salt
3 tsp sugar
2 cup All-Purposed flour

Wet Ingredients: Mix together
a)4 Tbls melted butter+ 2 egg yolks--> mix together
b) 2 cups buttermilk (or yoghurt) + 2 egg whites--> mix together

Mix a+b together to team up the wet-team. Alton reasoned this

"...despite mutual origins, butter and buttermilk are basically oil and water. Not to mention the fact one is cold and the other is hot. Put them together and you get butter cubes. Great in yak-butter tea, maybe, but not pancakes. The answer lies in the eggs. See, egg white is mostly water. So, it mixes easily with the buttermilk. Now, no big news there, right. But, since this egg yolk contains lipoproteins, it happily hooks up with both fats and water. Now, by mixing the butter and the yolks together, that's kind of like handing the butter a backstage pass to the buttermilk. As long as it's dressed up in these lipoproteins, it's going to blend. Now, especially if you convince it with a whisk. ....."

Once you mix the dry with wet ingredients, stir until "just" mix. You'll see small crumbs and those are fine. If you overwork, your jaw may be dislocated while chewing.



Prinn in Bkk said...

OMG So many of my favourites on your blog and these pancakes look sumptious - delicious - gorgious! It makes the ones at "Little Home" feel kiddy works.. Can you teach May? Thank you so much again for the Sukhothai hotel booking in Bkk na krub :)

Grace said...

oh dear, I love the wonderful mixture of fluffy pancakes with Canadian maple syrup! mouth watering

Chuck said...

I LOVE these pancakes. Best thing Alton Brown has ever done. I have made these for my family almost every weekend for the last year or so. I add 1 tsp of vanilla extract and (sometimes) fresh blueberries.

Ali said...

i think this recipe is cool, i should try it, i never added butter with it before.

Anonymous said...

Why separate the eggs? Thanks, Melissa

Jennifer C said...

I don't think there is anything that I am more picky about; Moreso because when I eat pancakes I am usually hunched over, red-eyed and complaining of a head-ache and if my pancake is too flat or too cakey I will break down into a hung-over mess.

That being said, this is the best recipe I have ever seen. I have bookmarked it, and I come back often to optimistically contemplate the deliciousness and drool over the pictures.

velvie said...

The pancakes look delicious!can i just ask, how long does the batter last if stored in fridge? and if i want to substitue buttermilk with youghurt,will the taste be different in anyway?thanks!

Nuntiya said...

Yes , you can use plain yoghurt instead of buttermilk (most of the time I use yoghurt as buttermilk sometimes is very difficult to find in my neighborhood). It doesn't effect much on the taste.

For the batter , I would suggest a day or two would be fine, I never leave it longer than that. What I 'd rather do is mix the dried ingredient , put them in a big jar, with a label of how much the rest liquid ingredients needed. It's like a quick mix. So whenever you need pancakes, just add eggs , milk, yoghurt .... stir ... and you're ready to go !

Anonymous said...

I make pancakes all the time, so I was very excited about this recipe.
These turned out pretty flat, kind of eggy in texture and a bit greasy. I tried adding more baking powder and some vanilla. It didn't really redeem this recipe.

Am I the only one who was disappointed?

Jo said...

I've made these pancakes twice, halving the recipe both times. The batter was very thick making it a challenge to get them cooked through without burning.

But! They turned out great, very fluffy and delicious!


Anonymous said...

Batter was not at all too thick so I don't know what went wrong there. Followed recipe except used a sugar sub. Delicious, perfect pancakes. Gotta love Alton!

Rebecca L. said...

What is the picture on this page of your blog under pumpkin pie. It is some kind of cake? Can you tell me what it is?

Anonymous said...

Best pancakes I've ever made! The recipe looks complicated but it is really easy. The pancakes are huge! This easily makes a dozen 3 1/2 to 4" pancakes. I cooked on electric griddle at 275 so they could get done in the middle before burning on the outside. The batter looked very lumpy (almost like curdled)so I was nervous putting them on the griddle. I thought I had done something wrong, but they turned out great. I did have to spread the batter around a little because it is so thick. I usually do boxed mixes for my kids, but these were so easy that may be a thing of the past. Especially since it makes plenty to have extras for freezing for busy school-day mornings. Thank you so much for posting! I have a new go-to recipe! :D

Sus said...

Ditto all the "best pancakes I ever made" comments!! I used whole wheat pastry flour and added banana. Delish and thank you!

Anonymous said...

The best pancakes I've ever made and the only recipe I will use from now on! I followed the recipe exactly how you explained. They were fluffy & perfect! Thanks so much! :)

Anonymous said...

This recipe is awful!!!! So thick it looks like biscuit dough. I am a seasoned cook and this recipe simply does not work!!!!

xtraordinarymommy said...

I made these for our brunch for Father's Day and I added blueberries to half the batter.

This made 5 regular buttermilk pancakes and 5 blueberry buttermilk pancakes.

Well, actually all the pancakes were fairly good sized and they were all super tasty and fluffy.

I rarely follow recipes to the T, but I almost did yours with the exception of the blueberries.

I didn't need any syrup on mine and at the pancake plain.

Thank you so much!

Kathy Smith said...

So good! No problems. Didn't have buttermilk so I added 1T vinegar per cup of milk. Fluffy and delicious. Will keep in my recipe file.

Anonymous said...

A great tip for adding blueberries. Try using frozen wild blueberries, thaw quickly in microwave and sprinkle on top of freshly poured batter. Because of the thickness of the batter, you can lightly tap or spread into wet batter and cook pancake as you normally would. Flipping only once, of course. The smaller 'wild' blueberries pack more flavor than the larger 'cultivated' berries even when fresh and adding on top of the batter once poured avoids the 'blue pancake' syndrome. 1 cup is all you need with this recipe. YUMMY!

Anonymous said...

Can I add this batter to a waffle maker? Will they come out right?