Sunday, March 8, 2009

Coconut Cake

I missed fresh coconut badly. If you happen to visit Thailand, do not hesitate to try one(s). I'm sure you'll get addicted to it, just like me.

Too bad I live in a city where coconut is considered an exotic fruit. All I have was dried young coconut meat I bought from Thailand. Nowadays I've seen quite a few bakery shops make this kind of cake, and of course they are so..o..o good. I tried to replicate one with vanilla sponge, filled with self-made coconut creme paste. Here is the recipe.

For the sponge
(A) Ingredients - The Dries

90 g cake flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
35 g sugar
1/4 salt

(B) Ingredients - The Yolks
4 egg yolks
32 g coconut milk ( I replace this with unsweetened condensed milk, or just milk)
25 g coconut juice ( I replace this with water)
32 g vegetable oil

(C) Ingredients - The Whites
4 egg whites
1/4 tsp creme of tartar
35 g sugar
Preheat the oven at 180 C. Prepare 9x12 jelly roll pan with wax paper, greased.

Sift together the dries (A). Set aside.

In another bowl, whisk together (B) ingredients, just to incorporate until sugar crystals disappear. Don't need to whisk until it gets fluffy though. Set aside.

Put (A)-the dry ingredients into (B) egg yolk mixture. Well, some prefer to do the other way around, by putting the wets to the dries as the flour won't dust up the counter top. For me I prefer to wet one bowl. Gradually whisk together make sure there is no lumps left.

In a big bowl, whisk 4 whites and creme of tartar together until it forms white foam. Gradually add sugar and beat until it forms soft peaks when you lift the whisk.

Fold in the whites mixture to the egg yolks mixture. But wait, the egg yolks mixture is thick and the whites mixture is thin. Folding these together all at once need more strokes thus deflate the batter. In order to get the same consistency, I scooped out 1/4 of whites in the the egg yolk mixture then use the whisk , stir lightly. Now the batter is a bit runny, fold in the whites ,in three batched. Use spatula to mix in each batch just to incorporate. Each time you add the whites, it is okay that the batter leaves whites streaks. Try to fold quickly but gently as possible. The final add should yield consistency batter with no lumps of flour or streaks of whites.

Pour in prepared pan, put in the lower rack for 15-20 minutes until a toothpick inserted in the middle of the pan comes out clean.

Let cool completely on the rack.

Coconut filling
125 g of coconut creme (I used milk)
125 g of evaporated unsweetened milk (I used milk)
150 g of young coconut juice (I used water+2 tablespoon of sugar)
40 g sugar
15 g corn flour
1/4 salt
1-1.5 cups of young coconut meat
30 g butter


1 cups of White chocolate bits , melted
2 tbsp of milk
2 cups of Coconut flakes

Put everything in the pot except coconut meat and butter. Stir well. Put on double-boiling and stir continuously. The golden rule of making this, as most of you are well-aware, is to pay full attention so as to not getting it hard-cooked. I don't have double boiling, so I put the pot on direct heat on a very low low heat (unless you have quick hands). Ya...keep stirring. And no....don't pick up any phone calls, you can do that later. Once it is thicken remove from heat for a while, stir for half minute. Put it back to heat, it will be creme-liked. I tasted creme at this stage, while continue stirring to check the doneness. If you taste the floury / starchy taste in your mouth, put it back to heat.

Once done, stir in butter until incorporates well. Then stir in the coconut meat.
To assemble the cake, cut the 9x12 inch cake in half so that you yield two 9x6 inch cake sheets. While the filling still warm, spread it on the cake evenly. Put the other half on top, press gently.

To make topping, microwave white chocolate bits and milk in medium heat until they melt. Stir until they are well blended and have nice spreading consistency. Brush it on the top of of cake. Immediately sprinkle coconut flakes on top and press gently.

Leave until completely cool before you make the first cut.

Notes on coconut - Coconut meat I used in this recipe is of the young ones. If you go the the supermarket and see brown/hard shell coconut without its fluffy-spongy white jacket, it is an aged coconut. Its meat is used to for coconut creme which is high on fat content. The juice of aged coconut is not editble/drinkable.

If coconut is not avalilable in your area. You can whip up whipping cream and fold in flaky coconut. This is good for filling and topping as well.


diva said...

aah, i agree. fresh coconut is divine. and i have not had a taste of coconut cake in so long, it's evil. your cake is just beautiful. i'm envious :) x

Nuntiya said...

Thanks Diva. If I have a real coconut meat, I will definitely make this again.

Ingrid said...

MMMMMMmmm, sounds wonderful. I want to eat the filling by the spoonfuls. Like Diva I can't remember the last time I had coconut cake.

Anonymous said...

I am French, living in Arizona, USA, and I found some frozen young coconut in syrup from Thailand at my international supermarket. So I will make your cake tomorrow for my Indian (Punjabi) friends. I love the Internet: it makes the whole world a kind, caring community.
Thank you so much for sharing!

Nuntiya said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and have fun making and sharing the cake with you friends! ;-D