Friday, January 25, 2008

Strawberry Crepe Cake

Making crepe is easy but you need patience and dedication. Thanks to kitchen temparature of 8 C, the creme didn't easily melt and mess up my kitchen. Once done, you've got to be patient and chill it for hours until set. Otherwise, layers will collapse and that would definitely break your heart.

I should call it a heart-breaker. You know why? I cut it right after I finished the top layer and..... Dah!!! Things can't be un-done (not with the ctrl + z ). Patience is indeed a virtue.

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Grace said...

You know what dear, I think I can make the crepe cake although i've no idea about cooking and baking. It's all about piling up cream and bread (or sth crispy?i'm not sure), one layer after another, right? But where will the strawberry go?