Monday, April 7, 2008

Coconut flakes buns

As far as I recall, I never ever ever liked dried coconut flakes on any of my desserts (not to be confused with coconut creme and coconut meat frequently used in Thai savory and desserts that I love so much). To me, I felt its texture is like chopped cardboard (apologies for my extreme words here).

Not until last year, I realized my favorite piece of cake is the Australian's national signature, The Lamington. Of course, with coconut flakes coating. And last month, coconut bun I bought from next door bakery shop was soul-fulfilling that inspired me to make one of my own. What an overly #$%&* I'm putting here. Let's look at what I made (or baked).

While baking the last batch, I was trying not to grab one into my mouth. I believe it's very tempting to bakers when they smell freshly baked buns from the oven. Crispy crust and warm/soft bread, who would not love to have a bite.

And oh, I made red bean bun out of the same batch. So I would call the day of asian bread.

Okay, it was a raining day and I got stuck in my apartment, of course, smell so good with buttery buns all around. I finally finished one of them and managed to spared the rest for my freinds whom I would hornor them as my taster (or 'tester' as anyone would presume). While wraping up with tears, I really really wanted to have some more but I heard a voice shouting in my ears "aren't you trying to lose a pound?". And I called it an evil voice.


sukhwan said...

i really love your blog. so sweet and yummy :D

MaeJJ said...

Hi Khun Nigh SH,

I like your blog. your cake look yummy:)