Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Banoffee is indeed many people's favorite. It combines the best of desserts family : Pie cruset made with eveyone's favorite cookies Oreo, sweet / rich caramel made from sweetened condensed milk, bananas with chewy texture and finally soft cremy whipped creme that melts in your mouth.

Although this is easy to make, it requires up to 4-5 hour for prep time. Here is the recipe.


Pie crust

2 cups of Oreo crumb
1/2 - 2/3 cups of soften butter

---> mix together oreo crump and butter. It should be able to form a ball when squeezed. If not , add a dollop butter. Chilled 2 hr until fork-firmed.


2 cans of Sweetened condense milk
2 bananas
Brownie bits soaked in espresso(optional)

--> In a glass container or Pyrex, microwave condensed milk at medium low for 15-20 minutes, stir every 5 minute until golden brown. The color should be similar to that of caramel's. Cool completely before use.


2 cups of whipped creme
1 tablespoon of gelatin powder

---> soak gelatin with half cup of cold whipped cream for 1o minute. Pour remain whip creme in a cold bowl (I put the bowl out the window, it was 5 C outside). Beat until thickened, mix in soaked gelatin, beat til it forms hard peak from the whisk.

Garnish: thinly scrapped chocolate.

Once the pie is chilled until firmed, spread in the caramel (must be completely cold). It may be a little sticky but that's okay. Sliced bananas and lay them on. Put on brownie bits (optional). Then put it whipped creme. You can just squeeze whipped creme from ziplock, make it messy look. Sprinkle with chocolate bits.

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Grace said...

i felt sleepy and exhausted this afternoon and decided to surf your blog. Your Banoffee is truly a good afternoon refresher. I love the cream on the top and the oreo pie