Thursday, June 5, 2008

A revisit to Green Tea Red bean

This is a revisit to green tea cake…no specific reason. This time I planned to make it nicer than I did last time i.e. with fillings being tubed out of pastry bags, with pattern on top.

I love the sponge, its color and texture was just right. Although I didn’t measure up how much green tea I should add. I guess it just the matter of color so I played it by ears (actually by eyes). I don’t like artificial color with neon-light green kind of thing.

Whipping crème melted down a bit while I was taking photos. It’s summer and the kitchen was warm though not sweaty. Speaking of summer, I have to add a brownie point to winter that… cold weather makes my whipped crème form nicely on cake layer as it should be (despite the fact that I had to wear thick jacket while baking).

My friends reminded me of upcoming scuba diving and I wonder if I could fit in diving suit. Got to shed down on desserts then.