Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Smoked ham pizza

This is the latest stuff from my oven. It tastes as nice as it looks.

The bread was made ahead of time. So, prep time was just a mere 10 min slicing whatever I like. I call this a handsome pizza.

Verdict: Toppings are great (Olives, Smoked ham, Mozzarella, Onion, Roasted bell peppers). I didn't have pizza sauce. And I don't bother to cook one of my own, so I bought spaghetti sauce.....taste good. As I said, put whatever I like. :-) Crust ..... chewy. It didn't turn golden brown at bottom. Since pizza stone was missing from the parameter, I won't be able to tell if the recipe is a keeper. Will try next time.

Date: Saturday March 8, 2008.

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