Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sweet Potato Pie

I bought a big head of sweet potato the other day. It was CNY 7 (around USD 1). Planned to have a bite right away but finally ….decided to kick up a notch, sweet potato pie. How does that sound?

I looked up for a pie recipe on the web. Found one which has an award winning at county fair. Okay, this is it. The filling? Umm, looked up and found Alton Brown’s recipe which calls for yogurt instead of butter and (evaporated) milk. Well, I run out of milk and butter, what a co-incident. Besides, definitely this is good for health, not sure how this would turn out.

Pie crust prep time requires chilling, next time I’ll give it 2 hr rest so that it’s easier to roll out. This time it was a bit thawed and wet and that’s why it was sticky to plastic wrap while rolling. One batch of dough fit well to a 9’inch pyrex.

Verdict : Pie crust, browned on the side, not at the bottom. The browned side is crisp and I love it. The county fair pie crust is to keep. Next time I’ll bake blind so it’s crispy at the bottom too. Filling is very nice, given its fat-free. For those who are a big fan of creamy pumpkin pie may alter yoghurt with evaporate milk and butter. Maple syrup and toasted walnut is a nice to have.

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Grace said...

sweet potato is one of my favorate vegetables. it's healthy as well. but i really can't imagine the taste of sweet potato pie. maybe you can let me try it next time? hia hia hia~~~