Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tower of Greentea

I love matcha green tea, I love red beans, I love fresh crème….which is why I can’t resist buying a piece of matcha chiffon every time I swing by my favorite store. I intentionally put more matcha so that the crème is bit bitter, red-bean paste must be sweet. I love it when the extreme of both ends meet in layers. I also mixed the full beans in so that I have something to chew.

This has been in my wish-to-bake list since last year. I was thinking about layered with bitter chocolate….but …. since I love green tea aroma, I didn’t want anything to over mine it. I assembled a 7-layers, make it a tower. And yes, this is my empire! .

Of course this one is good with a cup of hot tea. Hot green tea if you want.

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